Friday, March 28, 2008

Where to go?

So back when I was applying to schools I was hoping I would have this kind of decision to make but I didn't realize how difficult a decision it would be. I was hoping that I would get into two grad schools so I would have to decide, but I guess I assumed it would be pleasant to have a choice.

Now I have to decide: Chicago or New York.

I think we are leaning towards Chicago for a few reasons. First of all, the school is incredibly prestigious and I think I would get a lot from them that I may not be able to get from the school in New York. (On the other hand, I think the school in NYC has more opportunities for experience in the field built in, in Chicago you kind of have to make your own opportunities outside of the required internship if you want it) I kind of also feel like, if I go to the school in New York, I will always kind of wonder what it would have been like to go to the school in Chicago. I don't know that I would feel that way in the opposite situation. Also, JewishGuy feels like Chicago is a better city for us and our personalities, which may be true.

On the other hand, Chicago is EXTREMELY, extremely cold, and very far away from family. In New York, we'd be about a 4 hour drive from Boston and a 5 hour drive from DC (depending on how fast you drive). Chicago is significantly far away from all three of those cities (at least 12 hours drive). Also, we would be living in a teeny little closet of an apartment in New York for the same price as a moderately sized place in Chicago. And, living in Chicago there is a better chance of people actually visiting us - I think in the 6 years JewishGuy has been where we are now, his family has come down once, and he's had 3 friends visit. My family came down twice and I've had no friends visit. I can't really say I blame them... why would someone come to visit this city? So I guess even if we are in this disconnected city, people might come to visit, especially during the summer months for things like Lalapalooza.

On the third hand, as our friend pointed out, it's only two years. If we live there during my program and decide we don't really like it and want to move to New York or wherever after two years, whatever, it's totally open.

I guess it's not such a hard decision, but I still feel like I haven't given New York much of a chance. But it may be more about the schools than about the cities, which I think it should be (as long as JewishGuy is happy in both cities) I think if this had been a choice between the school in New York and the school in Boston, even though I'd really like to live in Boston, it would be hands down no problem New York just based on the schools. But that's not my choice. So...

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