Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My NYC St. Patrick's Day

I'm not Irish or Christian, but I can still enjoy parades and drinking like any other American on St. Patrick's Day.

So, first I went into the city (with my luggage) and got in at Grand Central Station. It was pretty busy, there was actually this really cool scene where when you looked down from the exit you saw a sea of green people. Too bad I was kind of in a rush, plus I really hate being in large, tightly-packed crowds (read: afraid of stampede, I've definitely been in a stampede before and it's really scary), otherwise I would have stopped to take a picture.

However, I did get some shots of people who were going to be in the parade, before the parade started. I also took some pictures as I walked, not looking where the camera was pointed.

Then I had to find my spot to watch the parade. This is difficult because: a) I am extremely short, a fact that is all-too-obvious when I am in a crowd of non-Jews; and b) I was dragging this stupid bag behind me. My spot was less-than-optimal, so quite a few of my pictures have pieces of people's heads at the bottom or on the sides. I'll try not to show those unless it's particularly interesting.

That was all that I saw of the parade. It was my first time really seeing a military procession of any kind that I can remember at the moment, so that was impressive.

Then I dragged my bag all the way down to Penn Station, dropped it off in a luggage check, and met Gecko Man for lunch. After lunch, the interview. After the interview, the bar.

I think on any other day I may not have gone to the bar directly after an interview that ended at 2:30 in the afternoon. However, being that I knew we wouldn't be alone in the bar, and that I was still jittery from the intensity of the interview, it seemed like a good idea. We had a few beers, got somewhat tipsy, and then headed off to the Village.

We didn't have too much time to walk around until dinner, but we ended up in this really awesome music store. If you are in the Village, I recommend this music store, I think it's at 4th & 6th, and I think it might be called Music Inn. This is a picture I took to give you a feel of what it was like to be in the store:

The instruments were piled on the floor, hanging from the walls and from the ceiling. It was hard to walk around but it was really, really fun. The owner and the employees were really nice and we had pleasant conversation, which I enjoy. I really like going to a store and not only do I not feel pressured to buy anything, but the people are cool and want to talk like normal people - I am actually more likely to buy something in that situation. Also, there was a little haggling going on, I looked at the price tags of things and then asked the owner if I could get anything for less than $X. He ended up giving me something for $10 off the given price - I bought a thumb piano made out of half a coconut for my brother, YoungerJew.

Then GeckoMan and I met up with his girlfriend, GemGirl, for dinner. We walked aimlessly for a while until settling on this really nice Indian restaurant. It wasn't very expensive and the food was pretty tasty, plus they served it on these fun warming trays.

I then went back to Penn Station, picked up my bag, loaded myself on the train and went back to Maryland.

It was a good and satisfying day, although maybe instead of Indian food I should have suggested going for fish & chips (I don't know if that's just English or general UK food) in honor of the very Irish day. Also, fun always abounds when hanging out with GeckoMan and GemGirl (they are the funnest crime fighting duo).

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