Monday, October 27, 2014


I bought this yarn and I love it.  It's rainbow dyed but I only used the red/orange/yellow part today, and this happened.

I wasn't intending to make an arch, when I set out I was going to make a square, thinking I might make some square pieces to use for my next thing... then I miscalculated, and my straight line started to arch, and I went with it.  I'm not sure if it will be at this orientation or if it will rotate a little when it's time to use it.

I also have some great purple earth tone yarn I was thinking of using, but wasn't sure what to do with it, and really wanted to get my hands in this yarn with some yellow.

I started some small frames and even some very small circle frames.  I have been applying to shows and they all want work under 24" or 36", so I thought maybe I'd do some small things.  But I actually really like working large with crochet, it seems easy for things to get really big really quickly.

Also today I tried out using a bowl to hold the yarn instead of letting it flop around.  I know yarn bowls are a thing, but I've never tried one.  I used a regular bowl that I made last time I tried ceramics.  It was lovely.

Today I started out at the dining room table doing online shopping for various things we need (stickers, child size sunglasses, bathroom non-slip step stool).  It was taking a while and I was watching my time tick away.  And finally I stepped from the dining room table into my "studio," just 3 feet away, but I was able to focus and get some more work done.  I've been leaving my space set up, with frames and yarn out (though the yarn is in a plastic bag, cats), and it has been nice to have that space out and ready for me at a moment's notice.  Though I can only work when the kids are asleep, I still get easily side-tracked, and seeing things lying out there has been really nice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My "studio"

I have been doing a lot more work recently but I don't have a studio.  I have been working in the dining room and basement, and sometimes outside.  My whole house is my studio!  Haha!  I have work piling up on bookcases, and recently I took over an entire shelf of a built-in in the dining room in order to store some supplies that I have been using on a semi regular basis.

So here is a studio tour :)

My work station is our old dining room table from when we lived in small places.  The table folds out so I can use it, and then folds away so we don't lose the space a permanent set-up would take.  I have considered using the drawers for art supply storage instead of dining room storage, but haven't gotten that far ... it feels unsafe, with two toddlers running around, they could easily get those drawers open.

Frames for my next 3 pieces :)

Here is the built-in.  On top there are some of my recent works, the first shelf is my art supply shelf, the second shelf is serving bowls, and the bottom shelf is my husband's scotch collection.  I'm working on finding a piece of furniture that can better serve for the scotch collection / wine storage / drink glasses so it doesn't have to be hidden in the built-in.

So there you have it, my current "studio".  It has great light, hardwood floors, and lots of windows!  Not bad.  If only it had a slop sink ...
. . .
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