Tuesday, March 4, 2008

List #1: Things I Capture on Camera

My top ten most common subjects (other than me and my friends, since I won't post pictures of us on this blog) in no particular order:

1. Food, especially food that I make or eat at home.

Thanksgiving Dinner

2. Funny signs.

Christmas Rejects

3. Funny random things

Giant Purple Godzilla Speaks Spanish

4. My cat being cute

Sleeping Like a Human

5. Trees

Construction Backdrop

6. Interesting people

Yellow Mime

7. Sunsets

Sunset in the Harbor

8. Interesting/artsy scenes without people

View in Rhode Island

9. Animals

Mommy and Baby

10. Nature-y things that look cool

In the Caves


How was that for my first NaBloPoMo list?

(I should add that none of these photos are color-corrected - this is just how they looked when I downloaded them from the camera)


Hillel Lady said...

go Rhode Island! Is that Newport?

Also, go Cannon! I have the same camera, mostly. It = awesometastic.

I like this post

JewishGal said...

It IS Newport :D How did you guess hahahaha...

Yes, my little pocket camera is quite useful and takes some pretty nice shots sometimes. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Thanks for stopping by my listmaking extravaganza! I know that turducken has all the elements stuffed inside each other but I still don't think that's weird. We stuff sausage stuffing in turkeys, meat into meat. Certainly no weirder than chopped chicken liver, right?

Good luck with your application. Chicago sounds promising.

Daphna said...

I really like this post. It makes me want to do a similar one on my site :)

. . .
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