Wednesday, March 12, 2008

JewishGal is Going to Israel!


I was just accepted to staff a trip to Israel at the beginning of the summer! Hooray! That means I can spend a couple of weeks there traveling and maybe arting it up and definitely eating copious amount of kosher KFC before I do my summer jobby things.

In honor of this stupendous news, let's take a virtual trip right now. Here are some of the many, many photos I took during my three previous trips.

January 2003

August 2003

July/August 2006

I hope you liked the trip (haha!). I mostly wanted to show pictures of things that I think most people don't think about when they think of Israel, especially people who just hear the news. I have two pictures of Christian imagery - one, a couple of nuns on vacation, the other, hand prints on the wall in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I have a picture of some Roman ruins - I always forget the Romans were there and am surprised by ruins. A picture of tropical underwater scenery, who thinks of snorkeling when they think of Israel? And of course, the military photo, the Jewish photo, the food-related photo, the kids playing before Shabbat photo, and the sunsets and the scenery.


Daphna said...

Yay, do you have the dates and everything? Summer is good cause I'll be around for sure. School is keeping me here at least until late August. Oooh, and some of that time everyone will be away and I'll have the car. :)

Kosher KFC is great. They opened one not far from us.

How did you take that underwater photo? Do you have one of those water tight cases?

JewishGal said...

I actually bought a cheap waterproof camera for the snorkeling part of our trip haha Even though it was cheap and disposable, we got some good pictures (I say we because my brother took half the pictures on the roll)

alex chiu said...

I love your blog. it's wonderful.

. . .
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