Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wedding Colors

(First of all, I did make a blog about the wedding:, so this is an overlap in content but not a repeated post)

Since the wedding is going to be a year from today (March 29), it should be right in the height of cherry blossom season in DC, which is where we're hoping to have the wedding.  I think incorporating cherry blossom-related colors into the wedding would be a perfect homage to the season and local colors.  Plus, they are super, super pretty!

(I took this photo at the Cherry Blossom Festival in 2005)

So what I'm thinking right now, is yellow, green and chocolate brown with pink highlights (pink light the blossoms).  I'm also considering - in the back of my head - light blue, green and chocolate brown with pink highlights, because that is more in light with the colors of the cherry blossom festival, but I don't know how I feel about light blue at a spring wedding since it can be kind of a wintry color.  If the main colors were green and brown with light blue and pink I think it could be very springy.

Some people were very surprised at how excited I got about planning, but I think the reason is that I am seeing this as a great big art project that I get to live in!

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Daphna said...

"a great big art project that I get to live in!"

I really like that :)

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