Monday, March 10, 2008

Pinch Pot Results

Finally I got to see my pinch pots. I took pictures of them (not good ones, though) and spent about an hour organizing and taking notes. Here are my notes on three of the pots:

This is Pot #3.

The type of clay was Dillo White. The inside glaze is Rutile Green, the outside is TC White.

Notes: Rutile Green is splotchy. TC White is spotty, probably because of grog (looks kinda cool though).

This is Pot #4

Also Dillo White. Inside is Rutile Blue, outside is Celadon.

Notes: Rutile Blue as really thick and looks awful. Celadon is muddy with grog spots.

This is Pot #12

The clay is Balcones. The glaze is Shino.

Notes: Shino looks shiny and oily. Purposeful variations of thickness creates interesting rusty effect. Emphasizes cracks.

Most of the pots look all right. I was pretty surprised by some of the colors since the labels were kind of misleading. For example, the glaze labeled "TX Blue Green" is actually only blue green on porcelain. The rest of the time, it's dark brown with weird blue streaks. At first I really didn't like it, but I guess if you use it knowing it will look dark brown with blue streaks, it can be okay. Another blue, "Winiker Blue," looks like spotted poop on everything except porcelain, in which case it is a pretty slate blue.

Glazing might be my favorite part of this whole thing, except that I really don't get to it until weeks after I create my object. It's kind of hard to be that farsighted when you're used to the instant gratification of painting.

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