Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glazing away!

Today I went to the studio all morning and just glazed, glazed, glazed away. I wanted to glaze everything before we started working on the wheel (which is Thursday, ee!). I was much more organized this time so everything really took just a little over 2 hours and I think I glazed about 15 pieces.

One piece in particular I think may turn out to be very, very nice. It's a red balcones clay vase that I glazed with TC White, and put Rutile Green along the top rim. Hopefully the green will melt down and drip over the white and look really pretty. I also painted some loose brush strokes with iron oxide on the white. It's hard to describe and I forgot to get a picture, so you will just have to wait until it's fired to see how it turns out.

In any case, I am glad that part is done with. I still have to make my self portrait nose and finish the hanging jars, then I am done with all of my assignments. This class is kind of exhausting!

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