Thursday, March 13, 2008

We Want a Pitcher

Here are two pitchers I made that were recently bisque fired (that's the firing they do before you glaze and before the final kiln firing).

They are about 5" tall each. I am planning on glazing them differently but counting them as a set, although I have no idea what you'd put in them.

I started experimenting with texture on these two things. I used a stamp I bought at the junk store to stamp "SPECIAL DELIVERY" on the top vase in random places, and then stretched and folded the lettering. I also used some other things and pressed them into the clay to get the flowery things. It's rough because it was super dry when I started working with it. The bottom pitcher has the texture from the cloth I was working on, as well as those fans on the bottom, which is really just some kind of scraping tool I bought at the junk store and I pressed it into the clay. I think it looks neat.

I am basically resting the hope of my projects, ALL of them, on the transformation that happens upon glazing. Because basically I think almost everything looks really unfinished right now, especially when compared to a lot of the things everyone else is doing. My stuff looks messy, cracked, disorganized. On the other hand, that's basically how everything I make looks, so I guess it just fits in with my "style."

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