Monday, March 31, 2008

I Made It! (List #6)

Phew, that was hard.  I had to backdate a couple of posts just because life got crazy, but this has been one insane month!  I am glad I was able to keep up with all the posting!

And now, for one last list:

Reasons why NaBloPoMo was really hard this month:

  1. I went to New York and Maryland and had limited access to the internet for a couple of days.
  2. Posting every day is hard to do!  I kept having writer's block and ended up having posts that were simply photos with little or no text.
  3. Interesting lists are hard to come up with.  I could list all kinds of things, like what are my next 10 songs on my playlist, or what shows I watch on Tuesdays.  But I wanted something to be interesting and related to the blog, which brings me to #4
  4. Not only is posting every day hard to do, but making a post related to art every day is hard to do.  It's good because it kept me thinking about arty things every day, not just on days when I went to class or to the studio.
OK So thus ends NaBloPoMo March: Lists.  Maybe I will do it again another month, but probably not April!

1 comment:

Daphna said...

Your problem was you wanted to talk about art. All I do is complain about school. It's quite easy to do that daily (or even several times a day - lol)

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