Sunday, March 16, 2008

List #5: Arty Produce

Like I said, I'm in NY, so here's another list/short post. I happen to be helping my aunt and uncle make salads and various other foods for the rest of the week, so that what made me think of today's topic...

Produce I think is Arty or That I Like to Use in Art Projects
(in no particular order, and I won't even say this is remotely a comprehensive list!)

1. Red onions. These are really fun if you cut them the right way, red and white stripey-ness abounds.

2. Avocados. Basically I love avocados in any situation. I also like to draw them.

3. Bananas. These are kind of fun because they are a range of yellows and browns. I especially like the peels because they can make all kinds of interesting shapes.

4. Berries. I like to draw lots of little circles anyway, so this would be nice in a still life or as some kind of abstract accent to another drawing.

5. Bell peppers. Maybe you can see a trend where the foods I like to eat are also the foods I like to use in my art. I like bell peppers because they have a really fun shape and when you cut them open they look kind of interesting (and pretty challenging). I usually use them in monochromatic drawings or prints because they kind of lend themselves to that.

6. Peanuts. I haven't actually used these in any art projects but I bet it would be really fun! They're all pitted and fun-ly shaped, plus if you break up the shells you could have something interesting to work with for more abstract pieces. I don't know if nuts count as produce, but I'm going to pretend that they do.

OK it's actually time for dinner so I had better get running. Yummy vegetarian chili!

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austin said...

I'd have to go with walnuts. The texture would be awesome! I'd also do sun dried tomatoes because not only can I use the skin but also the oils and the fleshy parts. It's a rather versatile fruit for art.


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