Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ugly Art

Sadly, I cannot claim this as my own sculpture. We bought this on our trip to Austin in 2009. He used to live in the bathroom, staring at you while you sit on the toilet, but our new bathrooms have tile walls and we can't hang him in there. Now he watches you in the living room, but you might not even notice him (he is only about 4 inches long).

When we first brought him home, JewishGuy's sister SportyJew said we were officially beginning our Ugly Art collection.

Oh but imagine the ugly art I would own if only I were filthy, filthy rich! Because Francis Bacon and Willem De Kooning are some of my favorite artists...

Francis Bacon

Willem De Kooning

I don't know what it is about this work that draws me to it. I am too scared to make my own ugly/scary art so maybe I just live vicariously through other people.

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