Saturday, July 24, 2010

New plant: Snakey

On Friday I went to the farmer's market nearby and kind of went to town on the vegetable stands. It was so exciting to be able to go to a farmer's market easily - in Chicago there were a few that didn't meet on Shabbat but they weren't as easy to get to from my apartment.

One surprise was a vendor selling apartment plants, like this snake plant. It was sooo cheap I couldn't resist. He was also selling cacti and succulents, so when I figure out where to put them I will make that purchase :) The plant store nearby is so expensive, so it was nice to see a plant I could afford.

His name is Snakey...

I looked it up and it seems snake plants MAY be poisonous to cats, or may not be, it's not quite clear. Or maybe they are just a little toxic, but only a little. In any case, Snakey is up on a very high shelf, far out of Lilly's reach. She's not interested in chewing on the plants I have, anyway, except when she's mad at me (then she makes sure to do it when I'm watching).

What I like about this plant is everyone says it thrives on neglect. Watering? Sunlight? Who needs these things? That means it might survive in my care. Hooray!

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