Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July Pictures

While we spent most of the day packing, we took a break to our friends' rooftop patio to watch the fireworks. While we were waiting, we watched a stormcloud slowly pass by us (we did get rained on but not for very long). Ahh, it was reminiscent of my days going to the National Mall for fireworks, where it rains almost every year at some point on the 4th.

A great shot of Lake Shore Drive from the 38th floor...

We were so high up the fireworks seemed below us (although also they were far away). These were the Montrose fireworks.

The cloud (you can even see it raining on the lake).

It almost seems like you can see up into the suburbs from this view. It didn't come out well in the picture, but when you looked in this direction you saw at least 10 other sets of fireworks going off at the same time. It was like watching popcorn pop across the city.

These are the fireworks from Navy Pier.

What a great last night in Chicago!

When we arrived in Chicago it was a Wednesday night and Navy Pier has fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday night. As we drove in on Lake Shore Drive we were greeted with fireworks. So on our first night and our last night in the city we saw fireworks. :)

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