Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Garden

As a housewarming present, JewishGuy's parents are assisting in paying for some things to plant and put out on our fabulous new patio. So on Tuesday I went out and bought some bushes and also some herbs (thyme, chamomile, lavender, basil, oregano, spearmint) and even one little pepper plant. Most of the plants were on sale because it's the end of the planting season, or maybe it's too late, I don't know.

Then I spent about two hours ripping up the flower bed, taking out all the weeds and dead brush, also the trash that seems to have accumulated there. ALSO, as an added special bonus of awesomeness, it seems the indoor/outdoor cats who live upstairs that like to terrorize Lilly have also been using our flower bed as a litter box. Luckily they're only pooing only in one spot, which I carefully avoided, and later I will purchase some anti-cat hormone spray so hopefully they will stop it. If not, our neighbors can look forward to a sweet passive-aggressive note I've already composed in my head ("Hello! I was wondering - how do you manage to keep your cats from pooping in your garden? Because I'm having trouble keeping your cats from pooping in my garden.")

(Upstairs is where the mean cats live, you can see there are lots of places for them to poo, plus there's a whole ground-level garden patio down those steps with more places for them to poo)

It was really fun getting dirty and actually putting my hands in the soil. There is this whole little world down there, including lots and lots of potato bugs (pill bugs?) that curl up when you touch them. They are like eentsy weentsy armadillos.

Can you see him scooting away from my camera towards the chamomile?

I didn't think about this but we have to get our soil tested before we can eat from the herbs I've already planted. D'oh. I haven't planted the basil or spearmint yet so if the soil comes back and we can't eat from it then we will still have the those (and the lavender, since we won't be eating that). Don't worry, I didn't lick my hands while gardening and washed them afterward.

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Kelli said...

There is nothing like the feeling of getting your hands dirty in the earth. Looks great!

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