Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pizza, I'm Home

One great thing about our neighborhood is there is a pizza place around the corner that actually has good pizza. Maybe I shouldn't say "actually" in New York. But I can't even remember ever being able to go and get pizza that tasted really good - whenever I wanted. Sure, in Houston there was this place that had good pizza, but it was a trip. Not a long trip, but still a trip, we had to decide to go there and then get in the car and go. In Chicago, there were a couple of places nearby that had acceptable pizza, but it was just acceptable. (When making a list of pros and cons of moving to Chicago, the lack of good pizza was definitely on that list!)

Sure, the place around the corner isn't gourmet. I'm not looking for gourmet. I'm looking for something that's crispy on the bottom and smothered in orange grease all over the top. Something you can fold and eat with one hand. Ahhhh yes.

[NOTE: This post was written on Friday and scheduled to post on Saturday because I am spending Shabbat in Queens and won't know what time I'll get home. I didn't post on Shabbat, don't worry...]

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