Friday, July 2, 2010

Button Flowers

For our wedding, we had felt and button flowers commissioned from Princess Lasertron (aka Megan Hunt). I am so happy that we did this - not only did we get beautiful, unique additions to every bouquet and centerpiece, not only did we support an independent artist, but also we have fun little reminders of our wedding around the house in little vases. I definitely recommend having some non-fresh flowers in weddings because you can save them or give them to guests / bridesmaids as presents.

Other things we were able to save from the wedding: kippot with our names in them, and a copy of the booklets we made ourselves that served both as place cards and helped explain the ceremony to our guests. There's a lot that goes on in a very short period of time in a Jewish wedding ceremony (well, it's short if you leave the explanation to the booklet and just go-go-go!).

We also had bentchers made for our wedding (of course). They are little prayer books that have the blessing for before and after meals as well as some songs. We have a ton of these left over, actually! But it's great because now when we have people over for meals we have plenty to go around.

I love that a lot of the things we saved from the wedding show up in our regular, every-day lives. :)

(Photo Credit: Amy Raab Photography - our fabulous wedding photographer!)

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