Thursday, January 31, 2008

First Large Piece

Today we had to make a piece out of a slab of clay. We spent the first hour and a half of class talking about slabs, how to make them, how to handle them properly so your piece doesn't curl in the oven, etc. It was actually really interesting. I'm kind of thinking of making a slab and just messing with it, stretching it in odd ways and whatever, then I'll put it in the kiln and see what happens. I like that kind of stuff.

So today's project didn't have to be fancy shmancy or anything... I decided to make a larger version of one of my pinch pots. So now it's a vase.

Here's the sketch I did:

And here are the pictures:

It basically looks like the sketch I made. I wanted to start with a sketch because apparently once the clay starts to dry, you can't use it anymore (you have to put it aside and "recycle" it).

The vase is about 14"x8"x7" - that's kind of how big I remember it being, so it's pretty big. When it's done it will be smaller.

I imagine that the big hole is for a large bunch of flowers that will sit diagonally, and if you want you can put a couple of flowers in each of the small holes (the holes reach to the bottom so all of the flowers will share the same water).

I hope it doesn't come apart!!!

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