Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ceramic Show & Inspiration

Tonight, JewishGuy and I went to see Kim Yong Moon's solo show. Kim Yong Moon is my ceramics teacher's instructor, so I guess I was kind of a kiss-ass for going, but we went. It was really nice, although there wasn't much there (he is actually still making some work that will be in the show later in the week). I think we may buy a cup or a bowl next week :)

Also, I have decided I am going to make a Shabbat lamp for my historic piece. Basically, just a regular oil lamp but with two wicks. I did some research and apparently oil lamps are preferable to candles for Shabbat, especially if you can burn olive oil (Shulchan Aruch 264:6). Also, apparently olive oil is "better for the environment" than burning candles, or at least better than any wax candles other than beeswax (according to Canfei Nesharim). In any case, I've started to make sketches and I am very excited!

We went to the clay store to pick up some clay, but they are closed early on Saturday and not open at all on Sunday. That means I won't even be able to get started until Monday, which makes me sad. I am very impatient. I want to start now!! This means I have to do my reading for class on Sunday, when I really want to make my pinch pots.

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