Monday, January 28, 2008

Pinch Pots

Today I made 7 pinch pots. I think I would have made more, but there were some animal things to take care of around here.

Without further ado, my first pinch pots:

Literally, a pinched pot!

The one that is slouchy is slouchy on purpose. I kind of wanted to make it look like a bag of grain:

I made interesting designs inside some of them:

And then I had to make a stamp, so after my pinch pots I will stamp my work with this so I can tell it apart from other people's work:

(It's a bird with a tzadi underneath ... because of my Hebrew name)

These pinch pots were not easy to make. It's very hard to make clay do what you want it to do - it's very easy to draw things the way you want, you just do it! But with clay, you have to figure out how to make the clay do what you want, or maybe figure out what the clay wants to do and just work with that.

One cool thing about the clay is the way it makes folds like in my "pinched" pot. It looks like fabric, but it will be hard and I'll be able to paint it and I just think that's the coolest. When I was in high school I was absolutely obsessed with the way Japanese artists (woodblock, watercolor, whatever) were able to capture the way fabric folds and drapes. Well, maybe I will be doing more folding in future work.

Tomorrow begins another full week. I like going to school and I like volunteering, but I am kind of looking forward to getting through the week and making it to Friday!
. . .
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