Thursday, January 31, 2008


My grandma calls all of my work "doodles" except for ceramics. I always think it's funny. When I told her I was going to do the mural, she said "you're getting paid to doodle on the wall, how often are you allowed to do that?"


Here are some real doodles from my new sketchbook. I have been doodling in class on the margins of my papers since I was in elementary school, all with a very similar theme. Now I am putting the doodles into a sketchbook so I can keep them. It helps me to listen/pay attention if I'm doing something with my hands - when I stare at the teacher I sometimes zone out.

This drawing was done while I was in the parking lot, about to get out and go to class. I saw a really cool branch on a tree and drew it:

This is the doodle I made in class, inspired by the tree:


Today I did my weekly volunteering at the children's hospital. I spent most of my time there drawing with kids using just construction paper and markers - we did have some foam stickers and stamps, but most of the kids went for the simple paper and markers. I did my own drawing while helping them with their supplies. The kids mostly did not want to talk while they were working, so I sometimes commented on their work but mostly stuck with mine. We did have some conversations about Wii games, Wedkinz (virtual pets that I hadn't heard of until today), basketball, etc.

Anyway, I didn't keep the drawing I made, but it was pretty intricate. I made a doodle inspired by that later today in class.

This one is a little more organized than the drawing I did at the hospital, since that one was mostly me playing with stamps and colors and trying to give the kids some ideas.

I decided to post pictures of doodles instead of more pinch pots - I did finish the pots but they all kind of look the same so I imagine that's not that interesting. More clay posts when I have something interesting!

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