Friday, January 25, 2008

Ceramics is Intense

OK so after my first class in ceramics I have two assignments, one to be done by next class and another to be planned by next class.

Assignment #1: 20 little pinch pots. We are going to use these pots to test glazes.

Assignment #2: Copy an historic piece. We have to plan it out with sketches first, so I should have some sketches soon.

First, I've decided I'm going to make lots of different types of pinch pots, not just 20 of the same. I'll use three different types of clay and make 7 of two kinds and 6 of one kind. I want to make two of each type of pinch pot in each kind of clay. Blah, that sounds stupid when I write it, but whatever.

As far as the historic piece goes, I am going to make an oil lamp (hopefully a functional oil lamp). This site basically gives instructions on how to make a functional oil lamp, so I'm going to take those instructions and use designs from ancient Israel (if I can be that specific). I think that would be really cool. Maybe this plus this equals something cool if I work at it. Maybe I could make a "retro" hanukkiah.

I am not the kind of person who takes assignments in art classes literally. I like to use them as suggested guidelines. He told the class he wanted us to copy an historic work of art, specifically ceramic art but not necessarily. Well, oil lamps were a necessary part of life in the ancient world, so not all of them were super ornate. (If I make a hanukkiah, that could be really sweet if I could figure out how to use it.) So maybe I will take the design of the oil lamp and make something cool.

Anyway... I am really excited about this class, so I am going to start making sketches and pinch pots.

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Daphna said...

I like the idea of the oil lamp. That's gonna be cool. Don't forget pictures when you are done.

When I was working in archeology (i.e. digging) we found a whole early islamic oil lamp. It was pretty cool, look like it was new almost.

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