Friday, January 4, 2008


I want to sell some art, or make some art to sell. I made those drawings the last time JewishGuy was out of town, and now he's out of town again, so maybe I should make something.

The thing is, the kinds of things I make (like those drawings) are not the kinds of things that people buy. They are weird and not cute "let's hang it on the wall" kind of things.

I was thinking about this today when I was in the 1/4 Price Books store. It isn't actually a cheap book store, it's a place to find old, out of print books for way less than you would find in a book collector's store. The atmosphere is very cool, and I think I will go back (although it is dangerous because I bought some not-so-cheap books today).

But anyway, I was thinking about this today because I picked up this fantastic book about Francis Bacon's work. Francis Bacon is one of my most favoritest artists of all time (right up there with Willem de Kooning). His work is scary. He makes things that people do not want in their houses. For example:

Would you buy this? No. I mean, I would, if I had the money. I have a poster of Woman I that I hang in the bedroom (or, want to hang in the bedroom, since I moved from my last apartment I have been lazy). I love this stuff. I can't explain it, but I identify with it. I look at the deconstructed figures, and something connects and makes sense. I want to make art that looks like this, but I can't because I don't have the guts. It really takes guts to make something people won't think is pretty, and I don't have it in me yet. The worst I've done is put a pimple on a face.

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