Sunday, January 6, 2008

I <3 U

Trying it out:

I did a digital collage yesterday using pictures of roots and hearts that I found online and am trying to work through it this way. This was just about two hours of work that I did this afternoon while watching "Death Becomes Her." It was kind of appropriate.

I'm not done, and I kind of feel like if I figure out what I want to do in this painting I will be able to do more paintings on the same theme.

I like the colors of this one. It's kind of the same palette that I usually use, but more green, which I think helps the painting not look too gruesome. I am still inspired by two people I used to paint with as an undergrad, and even though I'm not in contact with them anymore, I think about their work a lot when I paint. I don't copy them, their style or color or subject, though.

Now it's on to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," which is another great movie I haven't seen in a while and then tea and then more painting (maybe). Weekends are somehow nicer, even when you're unemployed.

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