Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Chinese Food Shabbat (or Merry Christmas, whichever you celebrate)

Tonight, many people in the US will be sitting down for a big meal with friends and family.  They will either be celebrating Shabbat or Christmas or a long weekend (or other holidays I'm not aware of).

Like many Jews, I grew up with the tradition of Chinese food and a movie, either on Christmas eve or Christmas day.  Since this year Shabbat and Christmas are the same day, we are having a Chinese food themed Shabbat dinner.  These pictures are of JewishGuy prepping the tofu for our cold tofu noodle dish (we also have a couple of meat dishes and soup).  He is doing all of the cooking, and I'm doing the cleaning and set-up.  I wouldn't even know where to begin with what he's decided to make!

Last year we went to our friends' house in Chicago and had a big sit-down Chinese food themed dinner (not on Shabbat).  It actually felt kind of odd to me to have the big dinner at someone's house and not at a restaurant, believe it or not!  It was amazing and we had a really great time, but what a funny feeling, since I'm so used to being at a restaurant.  It's kind of a hilarious tradition.  I remember running into people from shul at the nearby Chinese restaurant or the movie theatre.  When I was younger I was surprised, I wondered why they were doing the same thing we were doing, not realizing it's a nation-wide thing.

This year is different because it's Shabbat, too, and it's my first Shabbat on Christmas since I started keeping Shabbat (so I can't go out to dinner).  If JewishGuy wasn't such an amazing cook and was up for the task of tackling Chinese food, we'd probably just have a regular Shabbat dinner.  But still no movie.  At least, not until tomorrow night.  Maybe.

And, for those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas :)



Kim said...

Haha, I love the Chinese food Shabbat dinner idea. Have fun!
P.S. We saw True Grit last night and loved it. Recommend it.

JewishGal said...

OH I was just going to write how that would be the movie I'd want to see if we were going out tomorrow!! It looks awesome :D

. . .
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