Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Filling a void

Part of the definition of "home" is a place where my guinea pigs are - the only mornings I've woken up without screaming pigs pretty much as long as I can remember have been mornings I've woken up somewhere else (vacation, camp, traveling, etc).  Part of the definition of "home" is the noise and the chaos of animals, and although guinea pigs don't contribute as much as dogs do, they do their share.  The last two mornings have been rough.  Lilly is noisy but not as noisy as a pig!  And most mornings she sleeps in.

I went on a really long walk today.  I went to six stores - four thrift stores and two furniture stores, to maybe look for a chair to sit in the spot where the guinea pig cage was.  The emptiness in that spot is really odd and jarring to me.  Probably not to anyone else, though.  I walked almost non-stop for three hours

I took some pictures.

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