Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ceramics what what

I got my ceramics pieces back from the kiln in November but I didn't want to interrupt Found Object Art Month too much by posting them.  SO.  Here they are!

I will try to remember what glazes I put on them.  YES.  I KNOW.  I should have a glaze journal.

This bowl (above) is  about 5" diameter, so not huge but a good size (it seemed huge when I was making it).

Outside: Ada's Ash
Rim: Plum
Inside: Blue Celery and Floating Blue

A small but nice sized bowl, probably good for ice cream.
Outside: Nutmeg and Floating Blue
Inside: Ada's Ash

I like to think of this as being the perfect cup for hot chocolate... no handle, so it will warm your hands while you drink it, but probably too large for tea (although the mugs I use for tea are pretty large).
Outside: Floating Blue
Rim: Plum
Inside: Ada's Ash

This bowl fell in the glaze bucket while I was trying to put Plum on the rim.  I dabbed it off with a sponge and I kind of love how it turned out.  Also, you can see my signature that appears on the bottom of all of my ceramic pieces (it's my name in English and Hebrew).  This bowl, as it is, isn't food safe because there are a couple of spots inside that are rough.  I may re-fire it to fill in the holes.  It would be a nice size to serve hummus, for example.

Inside: Blue Celery, Floating Blue and Plum
Outside: Ada's Ash and Plum

This is my second hot chocolate mug, pretty much exactly the same size as the first one.

Inside & Outside: Nutmeg under Floating Blue

My work is getting better and better.  I think I am driving the other people in the studio nuts with my disorderly glazing.  I'm like, let's see what happens when I do this!  And they're like, KEEP A GLAZE JOURNAL.  So this blog is kind of like my glaze journal.

I hope to built up a good amount of inventory and then start selling on etsy and in handmade markets by next year.  I'm hoping my debut will be the next AATA conference (in July), but only if they keep the marketplace on Thursday (as opposed to Friday night - aka, Shabbat - which up until now was the recurring time).

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