Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Travels in art land

I haven't made any art since last week since I have spent much of my time mentally and physically preparing for the fabric painting. By mentally I mean I sleep in late, then eat breakfast slowly while watching the comedy central and checking my email before finally leaving the house to pick up supplies. By physically I mean I have been to many different stores on the hunt for the supplies that I need.

Also I emailed my fabric printing teacher for some tips. Basically, I will have to work in the basement and keep the chemicals away from the apt (except the sodium alginate, which isn't toxic and I hear some people use it in vegan toothpaste). This makes me sad in a way because I don't know what this means for future fabric painting in an apartment that might not have such basement access.

So now I have all my supplies except the dye and dye-related chemicals, which have been ordered and hopefully will arrive soon.

Today I had two exciting shopping experiences.

#1: Apparently Mondays the thrift store puts everything at 50% off. This meant there was a ridiculous number of people at the thrift store. It was a nut house. But I couldn't find exactly what I needed, but what I did find only ended up costing a total of $2.50, so if it doesn't work it's okay.

#2: I LOVE the fabric store. It is a candy land. It is the remnants of four different stores, you can tell it used to be four stores because the entrance to each of the four sections of the one big fabric store is just a doorway... so there are four separate areas of the store. I went to the upholstery section to get my foam, a 2x2' piece ended up costing the same as a large cheap mattress pad from Target (about $17). I am a little upset about that. But I bought it anyway because it is good quality and if I am going to do it I want to do it right and not get some cheap mattress pad foam and try to make it work.

Tomorrow I am going to put my fabric stretching station together and see what I can do while I wait for my dyeing stuff to arrive.

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