Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Assistant

Every successful artist needs an assistant, I think.

Here we can see Lilly overseeing the drying process on my new screens. Sometimes she can be found on my art table or at her special post on top of two plastic tubs next to my art table (this is where she sits when I do something with chemicals her paws should not be in, like paint).

Any illusions of a neat art room are now dashed, I guess, as you realize I am working in the guest room that also has the kitty litter.

Also, this scoop-coater that I bought leaks, as evidenced by all the stupid brown dots all over the newsprint paper. LEAKS! It is brand new and it wasn't cheap and it leaks. I only hope that the screen filler which is now drying in the cracks that I couldn't reach is now going to keep it leak proof in the future.

I hope to be dyeing some fabric by this afternoon... I am so nervous to do it, like my first time printing from a screen. I think I waited three weeks in my screen printing class before I actually printed from the screen, saying I was "prepping" my sketches and ideas or something. Well, here I am "prepping" my fabric and my screens. I realized that since I have to pay for laundry I have to wash things in bulk so when I print I have to print a LOT and also I have to do it in the basement. So I am hoping to do it this afternoon. Ugh, the basement is so scary.

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