Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Bean Painting

One day I arrived at my Fieldwork class and someone passed along the message that the teacher had been in a minor car accident and would be late to class (our class was 5 hours long, so it is conceivable that she could be in a fender bender and then make it before the end of class). The eight of us looked at each other and said, well, let's have class without her until she gets here. Let's work on an art piece for an hour about our internships and then we will share for the last 4 hours or until she gets here.

(I am aware we are all nerds, but we only had 8 classes and most of us were dealing with some crazy stuff at our internships... it is also not too weird to think that a group of almost-therapists would be willing to run their own group when the leader is absent)

So we all got out our art supplies and began to work. Fifteen minutes later, our teacher arrives. The message had been lost in translation - there was a car accident on the highway and she was held up in traffic and was late because of that. We made our art pieces anyway but continued with class the way she usually ran it.

I really like the way she runs class, but it would have been interesting in a five hour class to spend an hour every week making a nice piece of response art and then sharing it as opposed to just the little art things I was able to make on my own time outside of class.

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