Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Plastic Charms

I have been having fun with this great shrinking plastic film I bought ... aka ... SHRINKY DINK FILM! I made a bunch of charms and put them up on etsy. I'm not really sure anyone would want to buy them, but why not? And it was really fun to do, so I'm going to keep making them. However, next time I am going to buy some non-clear shrinky dink film because clear is cool but some of them are hard to see when you don't have light shining through.

This gefilte fish charm is about an inch and a half long, but this picture is HUGE.

And here you can see the rest of what I have and exactly how big they are!

See some more detailed shots on my etsy page.

I just love making these so I am definitely, definitely going to make more. I will get the hang of this clear film someday.

(This is my biggest updated because I am waiting for screens to dry... so no new prints produced yet)

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