Sunday, August 2, 2009

Branching out

Recently I posted on my facebook/twitter that I had new things in my etsy shop and someone made the comment that she was tempted to commission a tallit from me.

And I thought, well, why not print on fabric? The supplies aren't very expensive and I took that class last winter... I could definitely do this in my apartment. So I bought a starter kit and some of the other supplies, tomorrow I'll go to Home Depot to get my fabric station together and then to the fabric store for some material, and I can start printing later when my dyes show up!

I want to make things like challah covers, skirts, t-shirts, bags, etc. Mostly for fun, but some things to sell.

Anyway, excited!

Things I need for this project...
  • soda ash
  • MX reactive dye
  • synthrapol
  • urea
  • sodium alginate
  • twine
  • pvc pipe
  • large piece of wood board
  • soft foam
  • staple gun
  • large pitcher
  • large air-tight tupperware
  • large cookie sheet
  • at least 3 buckets
  • "T" pins
  • fabric
  • screen printing ink for fabric
  • screen filler & resist
The first things I ordered online for very cheap... the rest, most of it I can get at a hardware store, walgreens, thrift stores, and fabric stores. The screen printing ink and screen filler / resist I would have to break down and get at the art store.

I want to figure out a way of doing most of this in my apartment as opposed to the basement, because if I have to work in the basement it means that I will probably only be able to do this here and next year in another apartment there is a good chance I won't be able to make this work (even if space isn't an issue). The biggest issue is not staining a sink that would never be used for food prep, ie: the bathroom sink or tub. Most bathroom sinks are the white porcelain and I'm pretty sure the dye would stain it if I dumped a bucket of dye down the drain. The sink in the laundry room is ideal because it's already stained and old and doesn't matter. But what would I do if I didn't have that sink?


The foam I am looking for I think can be called "upholstery foam." At the hardware store they had carpet padding, which might have worked but there was way too much and they wouldn't cut it down.

Thrift, fabric, and art stores tomorrow! Hopefully my dyes will come in soon...

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