Monday, September 29, 2008

Species #845: Work in progress

My studio class has a critique coming up where we're supposed to each bring in three works, each work containing elements of printmaking, painting and collage.  I've mentioned before that I am doing a series of woodland creatures.  Today, I printed Species #845 four times and I'm currently working back into the pieces individually.  This is the work I have done today, but it's not finished (I have to stop because it's time for final prep before Rosh Hashana).

So today was my first time printing on a screen, other than the monotype I printed earlier (which I'll post eventually, as I'm working into that one, too).  It was really exciting, and probably the easiest printmaking process I've ever encountered.  Just a voop-voop of the squeegee across the screen and then, magically, there's a print on the paper! I mean, I know how it works, but it's SO EASY - so much easier than even relief printing - that it's hard to believe it works.

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