Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Afraid to Print!!

I have always, always, always wanted to take a screen printing class ever since I knew what it was.  It's SO cool and SO hip and whatever.  I want it!

Now I'm in a screen printing class.  Not just a screen printing class, but a class that demands we combine the printing with collage and painting.  DUH - my three most favorite art media! 

But I'm afraid to print.


My friend and I really keep putting it off.  We've prepped our screens and are ready to go but something is terrifying about actually printing.  Today we were really  going to do it, but the studio was too full and there was no space.  I did print my woodland creatures onto a photo stencil so I'm ready to burn the screen.  That was exciting.

We decided to make a date for tomorrow to face our fears.  We're going to print, damnit.  Tomorrow, there will be results from all this stalling preparation.

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