Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 Day Project: Day 8

I am returning to the more conceptual art mode of working with corn. This day’s project is about corn as a food. I boiled the corn with sugar, then had my fiance take a bite out of it, and documented this process. Also, my cat was interested in the corn, so I took a picture of her inspection as well.

I know there are other people doing similar things with their food-based media for the 10-day project, so it’s not quite so original, but nobody else has corn! And most people won’t have a cat in their project, so that’s originality!

I love the smell of the cooked corn. Also, it has this beautiful yellow color that supposedly comes from adding sugar to the water it is boiled in. I wanted to be the one to taste it, but it was hard to explain the shots I wanted to my fiance so I ended up taking the shots and only smelling the delicious corn. I took video of it boiling in the water, because the sound and site of the boiling was a part of the experience, I thought.

Being hyper-aware of the cooking and eating process of corn is an interesting experience. Usually, when I make corn, I just pop it in the oven (after cleaning it up) and wait a while and then eat it. I don’t usually think too much about it, other than how much I love to eat corn. But watching someone else eat it, taking close pictures, was kind of a way of analyzing the act of eating as well as eating corn.

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