Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today's Finds

Today my friend (CankeyB) and I went walking around the neighborhood (CankeyB was in town visiting yay!). We stumbled upon a street festival and also a farmer's market/craft/antique fair, so we walked away with some great stuff!

Here's my favorite thing I bought today:

These earrings are by Alicia Piller ( She has some amazing work, especially her suede and bead jewelry and wall hangings. I love these earrings - they look like cells! (Although JewishGuy says they look like steaks haha)

I also got this basket, CankeyB haggled it down in price for me:

After I bought it the seller gave me a flyer for so I figured I should mention it, too. It says "AFACE works directly with various African organizations in assisting underprivileged children obtain basic school supplies & repair classrooms." I imagine this basket as holding chunks of challah to pass around the table when we have guests (like for Rosh Hashanah).

And finally, this awesome vintage shirt:

It looks better with a belt. I got it from Honeysuckle & Hearts ( CankeyB also got an awesome white dress from them that will be the perfect canvas for some of her amazing jewelry she has collected along the way :)

It has been a really fun weekend! Although I have to say I'm pretty exhausted from spending so much time out in the sun. (haha)

1 comment:

Another David said...

They definitely look more like cells than steaks. Plant cells.

. . .
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