Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where I Live

To me, it doesn't quite make sense where I am right now. I get really disoriented. In my apartment, or in my neighborhood, I could basically be in any other city (except the availability of kosher food either puts me here or in Israel). I walk around, lalala, grocery shopping, learning where the stores are, as if I'm just in any new place. I've moved to two other major cities before this, so here I am, another major city.

Yesterday I went to midtown to meet up with JewishGuy for dinner and there was this beautiful sunset that made a perfect gradient of color in the sky. And that perfect gradient was reflected in a tall, smooth building in such a cool way, it almost didn't seem real. I wasn't the only one taking this picture.

And then after I took that picture I turned around and was like, what?

So that was a little disorienting for me.

New York is the city I have visited every year, usually many times a year, since I was a baby (and also in the womb). I come here, see stuff, and go home either by a long car ride or by plane. So it's disorienting to be somewhere and see the stuff I used to see on those visits, and then get on the subway and go home in a few minutes. Anywhere else in the city, any other neighborhood, it could be any other neighborhood in any other city in the country. But for some reason seeing the things I used to see as a tourist and a visitor on my walk to dinner after work ... it's just weird.

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AmyB said...

well I tell you what, even after 30+ years - when I'm in NY and I see all these things you mention, it's still "home" for me, and it's weird that I have to drive away from it.

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