Thursday, August 19, 2010

Job fair

I went to my first job fair ever on Monday. It was quite an experience and honestly I was a little overwhelmed. BUT. I think it went well. Afterward, I was still sort of shaken (it's hard putting yourself out there face to face for 2 hours!) but feeling good, so I did a journal entry, of course.

It started off as a repetition of circles, then blossomed out more and more into what feels to me like a sunflower.

So I looked up sunflowers to find out more about them. One thing that's really interesting I learned was that sunflowers are "heliotropic," which means they follow the sun throughout the day. Some plants grow in the direction of the sun, but a sunflower actually moves during the day depending on where the sun is in the sky. What an interesting characteristic!

The job fair I went to was for art teachers, not for art therapists specifically. But the jobs I applied to were for teaching art to kids who may not have many opportunities for them, especially in art making. So I wonder if this is me turning my little head towards the sun, because I am feeling kind of in the dark about art therapy and where I fit into the field. I can bring my art therapy training to after school art programs in my intention to my projects: to empower kids to recognize their strengths and the resources they have, to work on team building and cooperation skills, to build self-esteem through learning new skills and creating projects, and so on. Maybe this is a good direction for me? And if not, I believe I can be flexible enough to shift positions again if I need to.

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