Friday, August 13, 2010

In Recovery

Okay, I'm ready to post about my plants now. They seem to be recovering from 2 transplants, including one to a bad spot that made them look like they were dead.

The basil is coming back to life thank goodness. In a few days I will pinch off some of the top stems so that it will grow two stems from the stump, but for now I just want it to grow some more and feel healed.

I won't hide my shame... here is the damage that occurred due to the shady spot:

But it seems to be growing past that damage. Yesterday's dreary day of drizzle and clouds seems to have revitalized these plants, even though they usually like the sun. I think being in a sunny spot, combined with really hot days, and even though I water them every day I'm sure some of it's evaporating too fast, led to a lot of the damage :(

You can see the oregano was also damaged but seems to be recovering:

The thyme didn't suffer too much but it also seems to be happy in its new spot:

The macaroni pepper plant, which seemed the saddest of them all, has perked up today. There's some new growth, too!

Throughout it all, my mint has been growing like a weed (maybe because it is a weed). Some of it was damaged when it was in the sunny spot but it seems to have forgotten all about that. It feels like every day it doubles in size. Today I pinched off some of the top stems to help make the plant bushier rather than long and stemmy, and I just stuck the pinched-off stems into the ground. I wonder if they will take root?

And to think, on Tuesday I almost them all out (except the mint).

There were some casualties, however. The chamomile never recovered and the lavender looks kind of sad. No pictures of their corpses, though.

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