Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In my last post I mentioned that all I had left of my beautiful plants were a few cuttings. Today I bought some pots and planted them :) I'm not sure about the placement because Lilly likes to eat my Wandering Jew (the purple stripey one), but only when she's mad at me, so maybe being in the art room it will be sort of safe.

That feels good, it was sad seeing them in the little red cup for so long. Once they feel at home in their new pots and start growing, I will make cuttings and help fill out their pots some more.

Updates on my other plants...


I think I planted them in a bad spot. I thought that the whole patio got sun, but it seems just one weird corner gets most of the sun - this is the corner none of my plants were hanging out in. Plus, there is a chance the soil quality is not so good. I did some re-potting.

First, I planted the mint and hung it in a semi-shady area that it wanted to be in (I put it in the sunny spot, thinking it was the shady spot, so some of the leaves kind of went south).

I used this awesome plant hanger I got from my parents' basement.

Then I transplanted the herbs from the ground into pots, which wasn't so difficult because they hadn't really gotten settled in the ground yet. They aren't doing so amazingly so I'm not going to post pictures of them just yet, but I hope that soon they will perk up when they start getting the sun they want. Also it hasn't been raining like it's said it would and I keep not watering them, thinking it would rain.

After transplanting the herbs, I saw this guy had accidentally made it into one of the pots...

Probably the biggest potato bug I've ever seen in my life! I helped him get back to the ground because I don't think he'd survive in that little flower pot. That's the chamomile, which was the wiltiest of all of the herbs - I put it in its own pot because I'm not sure it will survive and I don't want a dead plant in with the other plants (it might make them sad).

I wanted to get some flowers but it's really too late for planting - even probably way too late for the herbs I've planted. So most of the flowerbed will be unused until next Spring, when I can plant some seeds and see what grows!

Other plans for plants:

I am going to raise one of my supervisor's spider plant babies that's growing in her art room at work. Also, I may take some cuttings from my mom's plants and raise some of them, too. The problem with my mom's plants is that they are poisonous for kitties, and my kitty happens to be attracted to all things poisonous, so they will have to be outside or hanging waaaay up above the kitty's head. I mean, her name is Lilly, which is also the name of a plant that is poisonous to cats, so maybe that's part of it (Lily, Lily of the Valley, etc).

Also, there are plants at the farmer's market (where I got Snakey), so I'll get some more low-light plants to keep in the house in other, non-windowed areas.

Plants plants plants, planty planty plants.

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