Sunday, March 14, 2010

Updates on my life

A few updates:

- I broke my toe in two places and it hurts to move around so I didn't go to ceramics this week and therefore don't have anything new to show right now in that arena :(
- My computer completely died and I have ordered a new one, but this means you won't see pictures of other work (thesis-related work what-WHAAAT) until that shows up and I have time to work on a new blog post.

I have a need to tell everyone about these things because I can't believe both happened at the same time. So there we have it.


Another David said...

It seems bad luck is genetic.

Anonymous said...

ok, ill bite - how did you break a toe in two places?! i remember when i was a teenager my mother dropped a bottle of pop (glass used in those days)on her toe and broke it. this affected me greatly because i had to walk with her to her job at a nearby synagogue teaching in the supplementary school, to carry her purse and books - bad associations for me with broken toe!

does this sound too unsympathetic - dont mean it that way, i really am sorry to hear you are in pain.... -mil

. . .
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