Monday, March 1, 2010

Glazed and Fired

Ten pieces came back from the kiln this week!

Last Monday I went to the studio and spent three hours there, finishing some larger (wet) pieces and then glazing these ten things for this week's fire. I had no idea how they would come out. The dark brown is Temoku, the light brown is Gold Shino and the lighter white-ish color was supposed to be some type of blue.

Up close with Temoku and dripped over the blue... this is my favorite glaze design of the ten.

Close-up of some of the bowls. You can see on the left that I really soaked the bowl in the Shino, which is why it's all bubbly like that.

Close-up of the handle of the tea cup I made... it was my first handle. Other forays into handle-making haven't been much more successful.

A stack of all of the bowls with a pen for size comparison. JewishGuy says I should use an iPhone or an iPod, since that is the official size comparison object nowadays, but I needed to use this picture also for my grandma who has no idea what size an iPhone is.

Anyway, as you can tell these are pretty small bowls. One of these bowls is large enough to be a cereal bowl. My next batch should be much larger.

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Another David said...

Nice! Those bowls are on FAYA! Get it? Fire? Like a kiln? Damnit, I'm so funny.

. . .
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