Friday, March 26, 2010

More glazed pieces emerge

Dun dun dun DUN! The teapot emerges. PHEW!

It looks better than I thought it would look. The top isn't pictured here because I took the picture at school and I'd already brought the top home. JewishGuy says it looks like an old oil lamp.

I try really hard to make clean lines with the glaze and get annoyed when it's all sloppy, but I like how it turns out when it's not clean, so from now on I'm not stressing.

Two more bowls:

I am surprised at how much everything shrank. I know they say 12% but that doesn't sound like so much. It is, though. So today in the studio I made 7 mugs and they are enormous so hopefully after the whole process is over they will be usable-sized.


amyb said...

The teapot does look like an oil lamp, but it's just adorable. If I'm allowed to put dibs on it, then I do.

Everything is just amazing - looks so professional!

Another David said...

The teapot no longer looks like Babar. Which is both good and bad.

. . .
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