Friday, March 19, 2010

Job Search - BUMMER

Let this picture of this beautiful kitty posing for the camera soften the blow of this giant job search bummer...

She's so gorgeous and she knows it.

Monday night as a way to avoid working on my thesis I applied for jobs. This is the best way for me to avoid working on my thesis because I feel like I can still label it as being "productive," because, hey, I need a job next year. I'm only applying to what I call "Tier 1" jobs - jobs that are looking for art therapists, master's degree required, and for people who are eligible for temporary license (which I am while I work towards my full license). These job descriptions exactly fit, in a general sort of way, who I am and what I'm looking for, not including the site and population.

One of the two jobs I applied to that night was this one:

Creative Art Therapist
Intermediate Child / Adolescent Unit
  • Full-time
  • 40
  • Day shift
  • Certification Required
  • Licensure Required
  • 1-2 years experience is required
  • Customer service skills are required
Plans and conducts creative arts occupation and/or recreational activities as part of the treatment program. Provides individual, group, and family therapy in accordance with professional standards and requirements/accrediting bodies. Documents all direct care interventions and outcomes in a clear and timely manner in accordance with regulations and policies.

I said to myself, that sounds nice, I love working with adolescents and I have some experience working in a hospital. I sent them my resume by email because their online system wasn't working (turns out it was my browser... people. please stop designing things for IE!)

The next morning they called me. They said, we want to get your application through because we want you for an interview. We played phone tag a few times, it was exciting, they really want me! They said they were really excited when they got my resume and please can I come in for an interview.

While we were playing phone tag I happened to look up exactly where this place was. I know, I should have done that to begin with. But it was so exciting and none of my other job applications had elicited a response so I was just throwing things out there. It turns out it's REALLY far from NYC, where I'll be next year.

Finally we got in touch with each other. They said are you in the area? Can you come in? I said, unfortunately, I'm not in the area now and when I move I still won't be in the area... They said, we're sorry to hear that but we'll keep your resume in case you change your mind.

How not in the area? 3 hours away each way by car, not including traffic.


I'd better start looking more closely at location before I apply, even if I think there's no chance they'll call me. NY and NJ are pretty big places.

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