Monday, March 22, 2010

New finished pottery!

I glazed these before Spring Break and when I got there this week they had been fired!

Sadly, the tea pot is missing. I don't know where it is. I found the lid but the teapot itself is gone. It could have broken or someone could have taken it by accident, I probably won't ever know. (Unless it turns up in the next fire somehow)

Look! BLUE! Look how pretty it is! Okay, that's what I'm going to do from now on.

The dark blue is "engobe," which is basically just clay with pigment mixed in. You put the engobe on the clay when it's still wet so it will bake into the clay itself and go under glazes.

I REALLY way over glazed that piece so I have no idea how it came out looking so nice. I thought I put too much on so I dabbed some of it off, which is why the light blue is splotchy. I kind of like it.

This is a flower pot. I didn't accidentally trim through the bottom, I chose to turn it into a flower pot because the shape was too weird for food serving. It's a really nice pot, though, except that the coolest coloring is inside and nobody will see it because a plant will be in there.

I like this little odd-shaped cup. It's supposed to have avocado engobe on the bottom but you can't really tell. I wonder if it would have down up better under a transparent glaze (like the blue engobe looks on the top piece)

I honestly don't remember how I got this blue color but it's beautiful. I will have to go back and see which one makes this blue. It's actually kind of purple-y.

This is the same glaze that in reduction firing looks deep brown. How exciting that it kind of looks green! It's over top of a transparent glaze that I used on all of the pieces to make them smooth and shiny.

Overall I am happy with these pieces. This was a cone 6 oxidation firing and I think that I might keep doing the cone 6 oxidation because the colors are so nice. Although the blue glaze that I used would be bright red in reduction firing, so I am going to see how that looks.

It's also kind of sad how much things shrink. I know they're going to shrink but it's still sad when something you remember being so big, something that was a triumph of large wheel throwing, comes out so much smaller than you remember!

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