Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flipped Kitchen

Not an art project but still a project... we flipped out kitchen for Passover last night and today finished buying things we need for the week. Even though it's just a week it feels like we're bunkering down for the apocalypse. I realized it's because we usually eat out during the week or just eat pb&j sandwiches or pasta for lunch, but now we actually have to cook everything.

All the counters are covered in clear plastic table cloth (doubled up). I'm nervous they will rip but then we will just put more on I suppose.

Added some plates and bowls to the mix this year. We used to have two dairy and two meat plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, etc, but that is not enough, we were constantly doing dishes and making the cakes was difficult without mixing bowls. Now we have four of each and some extra mixing bowls.

We are using one shelf of our pantry for our Passover pantry, stuffed with all kinds of important things like chocolate, macaroons, and various baking supplies.

I have six cakes to make today plus I wanted to try my hand at some chocolatey cookies.

The hard part of Passover for me is that I'm constantly hungry. I mostly eat things that are designated "chametz," like bread, pasta, other bready grainy things, and I never worry about being full. But suddenly I have none of that and I'm hungry all the time, and I can't even eat beans or tofu to fill up because they are kitniyot and JewishGuy refuses to eat them. Forget the delicious Israeli chocolate spread because it contains soy, forget peanut butter on anything because of the peanuts, boo boo boo.

So I bought lots of mushrooms, avocados and eggs to fill up on as my protein when I'm not eating meat. Excellent.

Time to make some cakes.


Another David said...

Six cakes?? That's almost one cake a night!

JewishGal said...

Yes well, at least one night we will be entertaining, and we'll be eating these cakes breakfast lunch and dinner. hahaha. plus there is someone in this house who likes the cakes and WILL eat them after passover!!

. . .
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