Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I got an interview at my very, very top school!! Also in NYC. This interview is scheduled during my spring break, so I'll get to travel the east coast for a few days, too!

I'll also be going to Chicago for an interview this weekend. It's a group interview so it will be 7 hours long - 9am - 4pm. We'll have individual interviews, group interviews, I'll have to present a slide, we'll have campus tours, breakfast and lunch. It's going to be exhausting and very cold. I am excited about visiting Chicago - I've never been there before and I'll get to stay with my friend I met in Israel a year and a half ago!

Now I've been scheduled for 3 interviews (including the one I already had). I'm only waiting on two more schools. One school (in Boston) contacted me because they don't have all of my application (EEEEK), but it's rolling admission and apparently a lot of people are still in the middle of the application process, so it's not a big deal.

I am starting to feel better about this grad school thing - but only since getting that call... This morning was pretty bad, when I realized I had a problem with my transcripts and was freaking out. I thought that my application would be considered incomplete at every school, which was why I hadn't heard from anyone yet - and maybe it was too late to send things in, etc etc. Now I'm calming down. Calming! Down!

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