Thursday, February 21, 2008

Drippy drip drip

I didn't want to go to class today, but in the end I did and I made some cool stuff. I did some work on my Shabbat lamp, but since I'm unsure as to how that will turn out I will wait until stage 2 for photos. After I was finished setting up the lamp, I spent the rest of the time working on a couple of other topics/assignments. I didn't really know what to do, but earlier today I was talking about Louise Bourgeios, whom I love and was kind of obsessed with in college, and became inspired by the thoughts and came up with some interesting work.

Before I show you my work, I'll show you a couple of my favorite types of her work. She does a lot of weird, drippy, organic things (she does a lot of different styles of things but this is my favorite). It just looks so amazing.

How beautiful is that? Drippy drippy drip drip.

Here's another:

I just love the way it looks like it grew there, or spilled out of the wall.

So from thinking about these kinds of objects, I started to work on an assignment called "Off the Wall," where we have to make something that will ultimately be hung on the wall. This is what I've done so far:

Close up:

I'm thinking of making a few of these and hanging them on the wall, surrounded by wooden picture frames. It's just a design thing. I think it might look cool once it's glazed, right now it's kind of gross.

(Speaking of glaze, my glazed pots weren't fired so I don't have any pictures yet - they're waiting for the kiln to be full before they fire everything)

After making this, I still had some clay and time left over, so I started working on another piece for my "slab" assignment. I've done a few other pots for the slab assignment so I want to work on something that isn't supposed to be anything.

I like it. I had a leftover piece of slab sitting around from when I was working on the Shabbat lamp, so I wrapped it around a rolling pin to get the shape and added the drips. The texture came from rolling the clay on the slab roller in between two pieces of fabric. It's not easy to show what it looks like at the moment because of being placed carefully so that it will maintain its shape.

It was good that I went to class tonight. I realized that in the next two(ish) weeks, I have to get some assignments done. I haven't finished my Historic Piece project, or even started my Self Portrait, The Figure or Set of Goods pieces. Off the Wall isn't even assigned yet, but I had an idea and some leftover clay, so whatever.

I'll do some sketches while I am on the plane (I'm going to Chicago for the weekend for an interview) and hopefully I will be able to do at least one of those next week. I will be in the studio a lot next weekend working on everything. Ahh! So much work!

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Daphna said...

I didn't check in in a while and I see I missed a lot. Just wanted to say that your wall hanging looks neat. It looks like seeds from some type of exotic plant from China or something. Very cool.

Reading about signing up for graduate school freaks me out a little though, cause I'm supposed to be doing that now too. Only about a month left - eek!

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