Thursday, December 20, 2007

Life Drawing

One of the classes I'll be teaching in January will be a "Life Drawing" class. It's a basic drawing class, with fun still lifes that I'll provide (yay junk shops selling fun-shaped junk, perfect for still lifes). I had to make a thumbnail to give to the studio so they can advertise my class. I did a small drawing tonight while waiting for my friend to do the weather on the local news.

It's not amazing, but it gets the point across. I just ran around the apartment, picking things up: a vase, a bottle of wine, a pitcher and an avocado. (I love avocados) I was just using pencil on paper and it took about half an hour. The fun thing about using pencil is that it gets all over the side of your hand while you draw, which gives the shape a gray color that you can erase away, making the highlights. If only I could find my conte crayon, then I could really make some fun highlights, but I couldn't find my red conte crayon and I didn't want to use materials that I wouldn't ask the students to bring to class.

I'll be using the same still life as the basis for my thumbnail for my abstract painting class, "Abstract Painting I." I know, super imaginative names. That one is coming up when I finish it.

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