Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Over


Today I was kind of racing against the clock, but then I ended up waiting around for two hours (waiting during a staff meeting and during other meetings), so I could have taken more time. BUT, I was emotionally done with it, anyway. I was ready to not be painting anymore.

The pictures.

This whole building took less time than the top of the building around the mirror

Doesn't appear to be different, I just did the sky

Building over the mirror


Three buildings in one shot

Three buildings the other way (plus some employees)

I hope they're clear enough, because they are the only pictures I have and they're the ones I'll be using to put in my portfolio for grad school. Well, these and the ones from yesterday.

Wow I am tired.

I also got a jacket. I didn't want to accept payment in product, but I felt like I couldn't sit and stare at their clothes for a week and not get anything. It wasn't so much out of the payment...

I just made a professional-looking invoice on Pages (yay mac programs) and sent it to them. I probably won't see the money until I get home from my traveling.

Wow, I can't believe it's over. And that I am leaving tomorrow. And how much work I have to do tonight, and I'm playing online and updating my blog.

PS, this blog isn't over because the mural project is over. Assuming I do more art, I will be posting it here :)

1 comment:

Daphna said...

I think everything came out so cool. I love them all, but especially that golden building.

. . .
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